Yes! Our manufacturing warehouse has been successfully approved by the EPA following their review. This means that Skrubbr meets their stringent requirements.

Absolutely not! We have designed Skrubbr to be as economical as possible. Once you pay for the device there will be no additional costs. All you need is purified/tap water and salt from your kitchen cupboard and you’re ready to go!

Around 7 mins depending on the hardness of the water.

Clear surface of any oil and residue beforehand so Skrubbr can be in full contact of the surface area. Spray then leave for 10mins then wipe dry or leave to dry naturally.

Yes! Skrubbr is perfect for this. Spray then wipe and your baby can eat directly from the table again without any fear of residual toxins.

No. Skrubbr contains no harmful chemicals.

Yes! Skrubbr has been tested and proven to Kill 99.99% of various germs including Salmonella, Influenza and E-Coli.

Skrubbr has no added fragrances. Once the solution has been made there is a light swimming pool scent which is a natural occurrence when such elements are electrolyzed.

Yes and your children’s hands too! Skrubbr contains no skin allergens or irritants so you can spray and leave it on without rinsing.